Tungsten Carbide Button Drill Bit
Designed with tungsten carbide “buttons” to add extra strength to the cast hardened button bit, this drill bit is excellent at handling medium rock formations.
Hardness (HRC/HRA) = 87-89

Outside Diameter (mm) / Unit Weight (kg)

51 mm/0.47 Kg
76 mm/1.60 Kg
90 mm/1.90 Kg

76 mm/1.40 Kg
90 mm/1.85 Kg
100 mm/2.70 Kg
115 mm/3.60 Kg

90 mm/1.90 Kg
100 mm/2.40 Kg
115 mm/3.50 Kg
130 mm/5.00 Kg
150 mm/6.20 Kg